Wage & Hour

Employment Attorney in Durham, NC

The employment law attorneys of Copeley Johnson Groninger PLLC are committed to protecting employee rights. We have represented individual workers and employee groups throughout North Carolina in wage and hour claims, restrictive covenants, severance, and all issues relating to compensation and illegal employer practices.

Wage and Hour

Wage and Hour Issues

Through individual and class action representation, we have successfully challenged employers for skirting employment laws regarding compensation:

  • Failing to pay overtime in violation of state and federal law
  • Misclassifying employees as exempt (salaried) to avoid paying overtime
  • Not paying for all hours on duty
  • Not paying commissions and bonuses

Employment Agreements

  • We negotiate and litigate employee agreements, including non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants, and resolve other employment contract disputes through mediation, arbitration, or at trial.
  • We represent executives and employees in negotiating terms of severance compensation packages.
  • We represent employees in matters relating to denial of employee benefits (health insurance, vacation and leave, disability pay), including benefits and compensation claimed by terminated employees.

Other Employment Law Issues

If you were the victim of a workplace assault or have a tort claim against your employer, our trial lawyers can capably pursue monetary damages. Copeley Johnson Groninger PLLC is also widely recognized for its representation in the area of employment discrimination. Call our Charlotte office at (704) 200-2009 or call our Durham office at 919-240-4054 to discuss your employment law issue with a veteran lawyer of our firm.

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