Severance Agreements & Non-Competes

Our Employment Lawyers in Durham NC Review and Negotiate Severance Agreements and Non-Compete Agreements

Severance Agreement Lawyers for NC Employees

Employees often call us when they have been offered a severance agreement for leaving their job. We can review the agreement that has been offered to you and give you our opinion about whether we think it is fair. Often these agreements are indeed fair, but sometimes, as employment lawyers, when we explore we give the opinion that the employer may have broken the law. What happens next depends on the facts of each case.

If you have been fired from your job, or if your employer is threatening to fire you, we urge you to consult with us. As employment lawyers, we have counseled thousands of employees who were being disciplined, and have helped many keep their jobs, or get the situation resolved in a way that was best for all. If you are facing discipline or termination and we are not available to help you, we urge you to speak to a different employment lawyer.  What you do in this situation can deeply affect your future and your reputation.

Employment at Will in North Carolina

North Carolina employment law has some strict rules. One of them says that employees serve at the will of their employers. That means most of the time that employees in NC can be terminated whenever the employer wants, as long as it’s not for a reason like discrimination or retaliation for exercising your legal rights. But there are exceptions, and it’s important that you talk to an employment lawyer who knows about them. An experienced employment lawyer can advise you about your rights and can help you figure out how to navigate the situation.

Is the Non-Compete Agreement You Signed Enforceable in North Carolina?

Many employees are asked to sign non-compete agreements, but not all of those agreements comply with North Carolina employment laws. Our non-compete agreement lawyers regularly review non-compete agreements, sometimes for employees who were recently fired or quit, and sometimes for employees who are thinking about quitting but are worried about violating their non-compete agreements and getting sued.

If you left one employer to work for someone else or for yourself, and the first employer claims you violated a non-compete agreement, our experienced non-compete attorneys can advise you about whether the non-compete agreement is enforceable, and we can defend you in court if that is necessary.

We can also advise you if your current employer has given you a non-compete agreement to sign, or if you are an employer seeking to enforce a non-compete agreement against a former employee.

In North Carolina, there are limits on how much a former employer can restrict your future employment. Here are some issues to think about in non-compete agreements, and all of these questions are important under NC law:

  • How large is the geographical territory of the agreement?
  • Does the agreement cover your work in just one job, or in an entire industry?
  • How long does the non-compete last?
  • When did you sign the non-compete provision?
  • Did your employer give you any additional benefits or money when they asked you to sign the non-compete?

What You Should Consider in Negotiating the End of Your Employment

In negotiating a severance agreement, or if you are considering whether you have a legal claim against your employer, it’s important to think about many issues that will affect your future. Our experienced severance agreement lawyers can answer your questions about these issues, and help you make the decision that is best for YOU. As experienced employment dispute lawyers, we can work to get you the best severance agreement possible under the circumstances. Or, we can explore whether you may have one of those cases that just needs to go to court.

Here are some issues to think about in negotiating with your employer:

  • Your future prospects of employment
  • Whether your employer is claiming that you engaged in misconduct at work
  • Your benefits
  • Stock options and bonuses that may be owed to you
  • Your need for a good reference
  • Whether you are working under a non-compete agreement
  • Whether you want a mutual non-disparagement agreement

If you are considering leaving your employment or if you are being threatened with termination, our experienced severance package lawyers will be glad to meet with you. Do not hesitate to call us today for a consultation.

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