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Mesothelioma and Lung Disease
If you are unable to work because of complications of asbestos exposure or a condition caused by other exposures or repetitive strains on your body, you may have a claim for occupational disease disability benefits under North Carolina’s worker protection laws. However, your case may be turned down if not properly documented by a mesothelioma attorney experienced in this field. We have successfully represented victims of certain work-related illnesses leading to long-term or permanent disability.
  • Lung diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and byssinosis (brown lung disease): We have extensive experience in pulmonary diseases related to exposure to asbestos. Our firm has represented auto factory workers, shipbuilders, and workers in the paper manufacturing and power industries who are exposed to asbestos or other toxins through accidents or in the normal course of their work. Under the workers’ compensation statute, victims of these progressive diseases are specifically entitled to permanent disability benefits. We also explore possible third-party liability claims against manufacturers, subcontractors or other entities responsible for the exposure. Such a lawsuit can provide additional compensation for medical care, lost earnings, and non-economic (quality of life) damages.
  • Repetitive strain injury or cumulative trauma disorder, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injury, or profound hearing loss: North Carolina’s workers’ comp statutes and court rulings make it difficult to bring these claims even if you are completely incapacitated. For example, claims of debilitating tendinitis from typing work or a shoulder or neck injury from overhead work might be rejected if they are considered part of normal duties. (This is a higher threshold than in many other states). To bring a successful occupational disease claim for a cumulative injury, our attorneys would investigate the facts in order to prove that the repeated exertion exceeded established job requirements or violated OSHA worker safety standards.In asbestos exposure cases, we work with industrial experts and physicians specializing in pulmonary disease to develop the medical evidence linking the illness to the work environment. In all occupational disease cases, we work hard to demonstrate that your disability is not your fault and that you should be compensated in a full, fair, and timely manner.

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