If patience is a virtue, this group are all saints. Never was there a question left unanswered nor a phone call not returned. Valerie Johnson and her team walked us through our conflict step by step with professional advice and compassion, outstanding knowledge and experience.

Barbi Taperek

I highly recommend this group! Valerie and her staff care about you as a person and make sure all your needs are taken care of. You can count on your matters being a top priority…during my five years of being a client, I was always given an answer to any questions on the same day without delay. The entire staff goes above and beyond to take care of you!

Barbara Walters Parrish

The lawyers in this firm are both brilliant and tenacious. I highly recommend Valerie or Ann – they are all top notch.

Danny Glover, Jr.

Valerie is professional and very knowledgeable in workers compensation law. The staff was excellent especially Elizabeth. All calls were returned promptly. All questions were answered with patience and understanding. I felt confident that this law firm would resolve all issues that we were confronted with. There was always someone there that we could talk to.

James Taperek

I always recommend Copeley Johnson & Groninger to people with harassment, sex abuse, workers compensation, and bike law matters. They are excellent attorneys who care about their clients and justice. They exemplify how all lawyers should be!

Mavis Gragg

As a former Law Enforcement Officer and current N.C. Licensed Private Investigator, I’ve had the good fortune of providing Investigative Services for the Attorneys at Copeley Johnson & Groninger for ten plus years. Based on my observations and close working relationship with each one of the Attorneys in the Firm I will simply say that professionally, they are second to none. I can personally attest that while they strive and work tirelessly to achieve the best legal outcome / remedy for their Clients, they equally and very genuinely “care about the Clients they represent.” I would strongly recommend to anyone in need of legal representation within the areas of the Firm’s expertise to please consider meeting with the Attorneys at Copeley, Johnson, and Groninger. You won’t be disappointed!

Randy Montague

I’m very pleased with the representation Valerie has provided me with my workman’s comp case. The firm is very knowledgeable of the workman’s comp laws. Valerie has proven once again why she is a top lawyer in the US.

Client of Valerie Johnson

Valerie has been tirelessly working on my behalf for nearly a year now, and has accomplished massive strides in a case which I would have been completely overwhelmed by without her aid. The opposition has been infuriating and persistent in equal measure, but she’s waded through all of it with zeal. If you’re having any trouble with workers’ comp whatsoever, I cannot recommend Valerie enough.

Client of Valerie Johnson

Ms. Johnson is so knowledgeable in workers compensation and employment law. I learned so much from her and have so much respect for her patience and expertise. Every question I asked was a significant one to Valerie and her team. I cannot say enough about their professionalism.

5 Star Rating

Jim, Client of Valerie Johnson

Leto was highly recommended to me for a personal injury case. She is killer good and tough as nails. At every step of the process she kept me involved and informed. I felt very well prepared for the deposition and mediation. It was fascinating to witness her achieve an excellent settlement for me. I hope I never need her services again, but I would work with her in an instant. Leto is the best.

Client of Leto Copeley

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