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Crime and Workers’ Compensation

When you need a workplace violence lawyer, call the experienced attorneys of Copeley Johnson & Groninger.

The insurance company won’t fight for you. Your employer won’t fight for you. So when you have been seriously injured, you can’t afford to hire someone who doesn’t know the law or who won’t fight for you.

We Have Experience

The workplace violence attorneys at Copeley Johnson & Groninger know workers’ compensation law.

We have experience with clients who were injured in robberies at banks and stores and who were attacked by co-workers, students, and patients.

Workplace violence is all too common. Some workers are at an increased risk of violence.  Health care and social service workers face violence from clients and residents.  Retail workers and taxi and Uber drivers face risks from dealing with the public.  But most jobs are not free from violence.  Some violent acts that threaten workers include:

  • Robberies
  • Assaults by co-workers
  • Assaults by patients on healthcare workers
  • Assaults by bus riders
  • Incidents of violence on school teachers and personnel
  • Injuries sustained by law enforcement officers.
  • And many others

The workplace violence you suffered is unique. No one feels your pain like you do. No one needs the medical treatment that you do. And no one wants to get back to your normal life you do.

The insurance adjuster or the workers’ comp professional at your job will have questions for you. They won’t be on your side. They may be looking for a chance to minimize your injury or your need for treatment.  Sometimes your case could be denied even if the insurance company should pay under the law. You simply may not be believed.

We Believe You

As your workplace violence attorneys, we are here to help. 

shutterstock_141767110We have fought and won many cases at the North Carolina Industrial Commission, the state agency that decides workers’ compensation cases. You need help if your case is denied, and when you have a serious and permanent injury.

Workers’ compensation laws are complicated and they can and do change.  They are complex enough that some lawyers concentrate on the law and become board-certified specialists.  Not only do specialists have to take courses each year in workers’ compensation, they have to take many cases to hearing, and other lawyers have to state that they know the law. Both Valerie Johnson is board-certified in North Carolina workers’ compensation law.

We Are Here to Listen

Your claim and your injury are important to us. We want to hear from you. We will guide you through the process, whether that includes a mediation, a hearing, or an appeal.  We have represented victims of violence for decades.

Call our experienced North Carolina work injury lawyers at 888-407-5921. We’ll evaluate your claim for you for free.

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