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Why you should choose an experienced burn injury lawyer

When you need a burn injury lawyer for a burn or explosion in the workplace, you may be facing the most stressful situation that you or your loved one could imagine. Choosing an experienced burn injury attorney to help you could be the best decision that you could make. We know workers’ compensation in NC. And you should get all of the benefits you deserve.

Burn injuries may be the most painful injuries, whether the burn was caused by chemicals, fire, blast or explosion, or electrical injury. The treatment can be as painful as the injury.  You may have multiple surgeries. You may suffer emotionally from the effects of the injury and develop PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The hospital stay can last weeks or months. The burn can cause scars that are permanent, painful and require lifetime treatment. Caregivers are on the front lines of treatment, learning how to change dressings and providing support and transportation.

Your burn injury lawyer should give your claim special attention

When you suffered a work-related burn injury, you need special help. In North Carolina, attendant care payments are available when you are unable to care for yourself because of your injury. Your family member may be eligible to receive payments for the time they spend caring for you. But you may not get the payments if your lawyer doesn’t know to ask – or know that payments can sometimes be paid even for past care. Burn injury victims deserve the best treatment, and sometimes outside nurses must come into the home to provide it.

We don’t stop at the representation you need with workers’ comp

Valerie Johnson has won benefits for workers who have been burned – for the permanent damage that they have suffered, for continuing weekly compensation benefits, and for attendant care.  We represent burn victims in personal injury cases and social security cases. When you need complex help, you want a burn injury lawyer who can take care of you.

We represent many burn victims. Here are some of their stories:

  • Six victims of the ConAgra Slim Jim plant explosion in Garner, NC in 2009. Our clients suffered multiple injuries, endured multiple surgeries, and needed multiple kinds of support.  Some of our clients are still receiving treatment. Leto Copeley won benefits for a worker who developed PTSD from the explosion.
  • A burn victim from a paper mill injured in an explosion. Valerie Johnson won attendant care benefits for him and continues to fight for his care.
  • A utility lineman who suffered 3rd degree burns on his hands following an electric shock
  • A man who was burned by hot steam at a manufacturing plant
  • A gas explosion victim who was burned over much of his body during an appliance installation.

Burn injuries are horrible. You will need help. Call Valerie Johnson and Leto Copeley if you are burned at work. We can get you the help you need.

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