Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys in Durham, NC

Victims of catastrophic injuries can face long-lasting or permanent disability, surgery after surgery, grueling physical therapy, round-the-clock care, chronic pain, or a reduced lifespan. These injuries usually occur without warning, and can severely impact the lives of victims and their family members. The ongoing medical needs, disability, and debilitating pain can take an emotional and financial toll on everyone involved.

Some injuries that qualify as catastrophic injuries are:

Our catastrophic injury lawyers can help secure compensation for you that can improve your quality of life and provide for years (or a lifetime) of care. We do this by consulting with physicians, psychologists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, economists, and other experts to develop a life care plan. A life care plan can project medical costs, lost income potential, and other financial impacts that can occur as a result of your injury. It can also address damages for any lost quality of life, loss of companionship and family contributions, and pain and suffering. We can also explore workers’ compensation and disability programs, and all sources of insurance coverage to obtain the maximum compensation through negotiated settlement or at trial.

Our catastrophic injury attorneys have achieved comprehensive verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims of motor vehicle wrecks and workplace injuries. The cases we have handled include:

A man who became a quadriplegic after he was rear-ended while waiting to make a left-hand turn. After obtaining a settlement of $13 million, we helped connect him with a team of professionals who were able to structure the settlement so that his family could pay for their current needs, and set up wills and a  trust to protect them in the future.

A man who was made a paraplegic after a work-related construction injury. We were able to achieve a settlement that compensated him for his injuries and protected his funds so that they did not have to be repaid to Medicare.

A man who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and who was unable to return to any type of work at all. His previous attorney had settled his case for an amount that was not enough to take care of his needs.  Our attorneys were able to get that settlement set aside and negotiated a much larger settlement that he was able to rely on for the rest of his life.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers here to help you

If you or one of your family members has experienced a catastrophic injury, we will help to protect your rights during this difficult time and ensure you get the care you need. We can assist you with navigating the legal system to the degree that you desire. Call us at 919-240-4054 or email us today.

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