Speaking Engagements

We believe that law and justice should be understandable to everyone. Because of the importance of educating the public about safety and the law, Valerie Johnson and Ann Groninger regularly speak to groups of citizens and to legal associations, presenting at conferences in North Carolina and nationwide. Valerie Johnson teaches law students how to take a case to trial in court and shows union members the ins and out of workers’ compensation. Ann Groninger gives safety and legal lessons to cyclists around the state. Valerie Johnson lectures on a variety of subjects, including remedies available to victims of crime, and using expert witnesses in civil cases.

Recent conference topics include changes in workers’ compensation rules, expert witnesses, and bicycle safety. Presentations include:

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Speaking Engagements 1Attorney Valerie Johnson (aka the “Law Sisters“) even has a podcast about Sexual Harassment in the workplace.  Learn ways you can protect yourself from Sexual Harassment by listening to their podcast series, Sex at Work, available on the Law Sisters website,  Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayTuneIn, and Stitcher.

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