Burn Injuries

Burn injury attorneys who go to court for burn victims in Raleigh-Durham, NC

As burn injury lawyers, we have represented people who were burned in fires, and in gas and chemical dust explosions. We have helped burn victims who were injured by molten glass, boiling liquids and caustic materials that burst out of containers and pipes. As explosion lawyers, we have represented burn victims in some of the worst industrial accidents in the state’s history, including the West Pharmaceuticals explosion in Kinston and the ConAgra explosion in Garner. Whether you were just one person injured or one of many, we know your burn case is always serious.

Why are burn injuries different from other kinds of personal injury?

Burn injury attorneys know that burns are the most painful kind of injury that a person could ever have. We are familiar with the nightmares and the PTSD that burn victims often have. We know our clients have needed painful special treatments to prevent infection after they were burned. We have seen first-hand the strain that a burn injury puts on an entire family. Burn injury lawyers know that after the skin is healed, there is often a lifetime of skin care required to treat the scarring from a burn.

Our burn attorneys know that burns come not just from fires, but from many other hazards, like laser hair removal treatments, hot water, caustic chemicals and smoke inhalation. Burn injuries are very common, and unfortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), burn injuries are one of the leading causes of death among our country’s children.

What information can a burn injury attorney give me to help me make decisions?

Burn victims often need very specialized care and treatment so there are many resources available to help guide them. A few resources are listed below. With a quick call or online contact, our burn injury lawyers can help point you in the right direction. We have a free brochure, Help for People in North Carolina with Burn Injuries, that will give you and your family an overview of what to expect after your burn injury.

One of your first questions may be, who should pay your medical bills and for your lost wages? We can talk with you and your family without charge, to help you sort out your rights and decide what steps to take

Contact our burn injury attorneys today for a free consultation in your burn injury case.

Help for Families of North Carolina Burn Victims Brochure

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