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Since you have reached the website of a car accident lawyer, you or a loved one has probably just been in a wreck.  If so, you likely have a lot of questions, and our auto accident lawyers will be glad to answer them.  We offer a free consultation in auto accident cases.

Different types of accidents require different approaches

Sometimes after a free consultation with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys, we have given so much information that an injured person decides to handle the case on their own.  In smaller cases we encourage that, since fortunately many car accidents are painful and inconvenient but they are manageable.

For a more serious accident, which has caused you to have significant medical bills, or to miss more than a few days from work, you will benefit from having an experienced car accident personal injury attorney.

In a serious auto accident, we hope that you will hire one of our Durham car accident attorneys. Even if you don’t hire us, be sure to hire someone experienced and respected. You want the best auto accident attorney for your case.

Talk to your attorney first

You definitely don’t want to talk to the insurance company without talking to a lawyer first! Insurance companies handle thousands of claims, and the other driver’s insurance adjuster who contacts you has a number one goal of saving money for her insurance company, not you.  You should not sign anything without talking to an auto accident lawyer first so that you know ahead of time what to expect.

Insurance matters

Often the outcome of an auto accident case depends on how much insurance the at-fault driver has. The outcome of the case can also be affected by how much insurance you have. Whether it is for this car accident, or to protect yourself against any future auto accident, you can learn more about what kind of insurance you should have.

Download our free brochure, Eight Questions Your North Carolina Insurance Agent Should Answer Before You Are Ever in a Wreck.  We wrote this guide to help you when you are buying car insurance so that you will know how to protect yourself against irresponsible drivers.

Experience and resources to help you

Our Durham auto accident lawyers and our Charlotte auto accident lawyers have handled personal injury cases throughout the state of North Carolina.  We have the resources and experience to document and present your claims for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

We send private investigators and accident reconstruction experts to the scene to gather evidence and witness statements.  Our experienced personal injury lawyers analyze all the evidence so that we can demonstrate all of the irresponsible actions taken by the at-fault driver and/or others (the driver’s employer, family members) that ultimately led to the wreck.

The kinds of auto accident cases we have handled include:

  • Car accidents (rear-end, head-on, intersection collisions, rollover)
  • Trucking accidents (head-on collisions, wide right turns, improper passing)
  • Motorcycle personal injury claims
  • Automobile vs. scooter injuries
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrians hit by trucks and automobiles
  • Fatal car, truck and bicycle accidents (wrongful death)

We work closely with our car accident clients to make sure they get proper medical care, and we explore all sources of insurance coverage. We also make sure your statute of limitations is met.  Finally, as experienced car accident lawyers, we deal with your employer’s health insurer’s claim for repayment from your settlement or a judgment.

The law of contributory negligence

In North Carolina, we have the doctrine of contributory negligence. This is a rule imposed by the courts in just a handful of cases, and it says that anyone who was partly at fault in causing a wreck can’t be compensated at all.  This is something that the insurance company for the other driver may say about you, and then they may deny your claim.  This is our North Carolina rule and it is harsh, but it has exceptions.

Don’t let the insurance company make your decisions

First of all the insurance company may be mistaken and it could be that you weren’t the least bit at fault.  Or, perhaps the other driver was so much to blame that it doesn’t matter if you were somewhat at fault.  For example, if the other driver was willful or wanton or had the last clear chance to avoid the accident, the defense of contributory negligence may be overcome.

Contact us first

If you are involved in an accident, don’t admit to anything without first consulting an attorney who understands North Carolina law.  You could be making your claim more difficult without even knowing it!

Auto Accident FAQs

Trucking Accident FAQs

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