Construction Injury Lawyers

Construction Accident Lawyers For Personal Injury Claims

Most people who are injured on a construction site are working when they are hurt and are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, or they should be covered. A good construction injury lawyer should understand workers’ compensation law.  But your construction injury attorney should also understand personal injury law.

Many construction injuries happen because someone who did not work for your company was also on your job site, and failed to follow OSHA regulations or was careless.  Or the injury could have happened because some equipment that you or your family member was using was improperly designed or made.  If either of these things happened to you, you may have two cases, not one.  You could have a personal injury claim that will compensate you more than a workers’ comp case will. But, you should not ignore the workers’ compensation case either; you need to make sure your construction injury lawyer is someone who understands both claims and can handle both.

We have years of experience as construction injury attorneys and are ready to talk with you for free, and explain what your rights are in a personal injury claim, and also in a workers’ compensation claim. We can help you figure out which claim to pursue harder, depending on the facts of your case, and depending on the timing. We don’t want you to have to go to two different law firms that may not be talking to each other when you can get an update in one call on how both of your cases are going.

For example, our attorneys have worked on cases for people who have had these kinds of construction injuries, and had personal injury claims AND workers’ compensation claims at the same time:

  • A man who was killed when a roof collapsed on a construction site
  • A laborer who was seriously injured when a section of a wall under construction was improperly secured and fell on him
  • A laborer was hit by a bobcat driven by an employee of a separate company at the same job site.

Our construction site injury lawyers are here to help you and your family get answers to your questions about the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call us today.

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