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Police Officers

Police Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Law enforcement is necessary and dangerous work, and historically, the law has given special protection to police officers injured on the job. For example, when a law enforcement officer employed by one agency is injured while providing official assistance to another, both agencies may be responsible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Police Officer on Duty

For many years, North Carolina law provided that when state law enforcement officers were injured at work, they could continue receiving their salaries instead of workers’ compensation while they healed. Now, because of legislation that took effect in 2014, injured officers no longer automatically receive salary continuation, but must prove that their injuries were “proximately caused by the heightened risk and special hazards directly related to the violent nature of the eligible person’s official duties.” Meeting this standard may require help from a lawyer.

Our Police Workers’ Compensation attorneys understand the latest changes in the law. And we are skilled at investigating all available sources of compensation, including possible third party claims for injuries caused by negligent drivers or violent criminals. If you are injured in the line of duty, contact Valerie Johnson for a free consultation.

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