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Introducing: Johnson & Groninger PLLC The new year is time for a change. As we begin in 2020, we are pleased to announce our new firm name: Johnson & Groninger PLLC. Attorneys Ann Groninger and Valerie Johnson have practiced together for 20 years. Our legal team is rounded out by lawyers Helen Baddour, Drew Culler, and Jennifer Segnere. Our proven experience in personal injury, workers’ compensation, bicycle crashes, and wrongful death law help us achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. While our firm name has changed, our dedication to our clients has not. …

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The Real Pain of REAL ID 1

As the first month of 2020 comes to an end, you may be thinking about everything that happened in 2019. Perhaps you are imagining all the promise that the New Year has in store. Or you may be thinking of the resolutions you’ve been trying to make.  Well, we have one for you: Make a plan to get a REAL ID – if you need one. We have some answers for you about this program, which is about to make your vacation plans a bit more difficult. What is a REAL ID?  A REAL ID is a …

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Gun Violence

North Carolina has long experienced issues with gun violence. Over four years ago, nine people were gunned down during a Bible study at Emanuel AME church in Charleston. More recently, two students were killed and four others wounded by a 22-year-old shooter at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Last August, gun control advocates assembled at Johnson C. Smith University. They expressed concern about North Carolina’s comparatively lax gun laws, which do not require a background check when buying a long gun from an unlicensed seller or prohibit the possession or transfer of assault …

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Employees or Independent Contractors? Learn the Differences!

Do you know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? At one time, Uber didn’t, which is why one of its drivers sued the ride-sharing entity in 2015 for misclassifying him as an independent contractor. Following a major 2016 lawsuit filed by multiple drivers, Uber was ordered to pay millions of dollars to misclassified drivers in Massachusetts and California. Unlike the Uber drivers who filed suit, many workers in other fields remain misclassified because they do not know their rights. The IRS once estimated that employers have misclassified millions of employees as independent …

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Imagine working for decades for a North Carolina company. You work overtime every time you are asked, and you don’t miss work. Even when you hurt your back at work, you keep working a hard job, for years. But when you fall again, and suffer a new injury to your back, your company decides that it won’t pay.  That is what happened to Jeff Laird, an electrician at International Paper. But Mr. Laird fought back. He asked Valerie Johnson and Drew Culler to file a claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, and to help him get his …

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